Sudra an ancient word representing a authentic Jewish head wear that is found in Talmud, translated to English means kerchief worn in ancient time in the middle east.




Arabic people call it a keffiyeh, kufia or shemagh. Most people associate this ancient garb with the Arabic people, but that is not entirely true. As most people know that Jewish people are indigenous to the middle east and specifically what is now known as State of Israel and as Semitic people we had our own distinct traditional garb ie Sudra.


Launched in 2009,  This Sudra had immediate reaction from various of people with numerous thoughts & opinions but the fact is that sudra, keffiyeh or shemagh are all ancient garment worn by all Semites people and Jews were no different.


Semitic Tribes mission is to reframe self identity of the Jewish people trough this original, thought provoking scarf, connecting our history, culture, religion to rediscover

the essence of where we came from, who we are,  and where we are going.

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