Semitic Keffiyeh was launched in 2009 to much acclaimed from New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Arutz Sheva, Jerusalem Post etc.
The reason for such acclaim (not always positive) is that this item crosses & fuses many explosive issues on the day. The "Jewish
question" has been violently  debated since the beginning of time and the answer still remains elusive.

The essence of this keffieyh can be derived from its name; Semitic Keffiyeh. Most people associate  the word Semitic solely referring
to the Jewish people and that is not entirely true. This word is derived from Shem, a biblical reference going back to Avraham the
father of 3 major faiths. And  keffiyeh an ancient garment worn by all Semites steaming from the middle east, so a Jewish
version of such a dress should not be a surprise nor a contradiction, yet it is.

These questions/contradictions are way beon the scope of this site, in presenting this item to the world we hope to start a
meaningful conversation that spends time, place and ideologies tying together past, present and our collective future.

All items are exclusively designed and produced under Semitic Tribes label and we available at  a number of outlets.

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